Automatic Levels

The Surveying Equipment Store is your source for the best selection of competitively priced automatic levels available on the market today. We offer a comprehensive selection of full featured auto-levels from the top manufacturers in the surveying and construction industries – exemplary and highly respected companies such as DeWalt, CST/berger, Nikon, Leica, David White, Northwest, Spectra Precision, Sokkia, South Surveying and SECO.

An automatic or self-leveling level is a type of level that keeps the line of sight level through the use of a compensator which is comprised of a floating prism pendulum mechanism. This allows the operator to keep the line of sight level even if the auto-level itself is slightly out of level. Most recently manufactured automatic levels feature magnetically dampened compensators that prevent the pendulum mechanism from swinging back and forth which can wear out the mounts. This can lead to longer instrument life when working in rugged environments.

To get the best value for your investment look for automatic levels that include the following time-saving and productivity-enhancing specs and features:

  • Short focusing distance for superior performance in tight spots and steep slopes
  • Stadia lines for easy distance measurements
  • Magnetically dampened compensator for stable and reliable accuracy
  • Rugged water and dust resistant construction for reliable use in demanding environmental site conditions

Our exceptional inventory of autolevels includes models to cover all requirements. We've partnered with leading merchants in order to provide you with the most competitive pricing on automatic levels and other precision surveying equipment that you'll find anywhere. Why shop anywhere else? Browse our site and compare prices to find the best deals on all of the surveying equipment that you need.

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