Northwest Instrument Total Stations

Northwest Instrument is a leading provider of precision equipment for the surveying, construction and civil engineering markets. Northwest has a well deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing full-featured and affordable surveying instruments and tools. Northwest total stations are well known for their advanced features, accuracy and reliability. Some of the features offered by Northwest total stations include innovative infrared (EDM) for long range measurements, powerful magnification capabilities, dual backlit LCD displays, versatile on-board software, dual axis compensation, excellent battery life from the rechargeable batteries, and IP54-certified waterproof construction. If you're looking for top quality tools you can't go wrong with Northwest Instrument as they manufacture some of the highest quality total stations that are available on the market today. Northwest Instrument total stations are used on job sites every day around the world because they consistently produce the accurate and reliable results that engineers demand.

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Northwest Instrument has provided high quality surveying equipment and construction tools for over two decades and they have a well-earned reputation for quality and reliability. Northwest Instrument has built their exemplary reputation by offering precision instruments that are renowned for their precision, durability and exceptional value. Northwest tools are designed to provide the accurate results you're looking for while also being very economical. Northwest is an industry leader and it shows in the quality of their surveying and construction measurement solutions and other equipment. Check out the rest of our site to find the lowest prices on more Northwest equipment including Northwest theodolites, Northwest rotary lasers, Northwest grade lasers and Northwest automatic levels.