CST/berger 56-DGT10 Electronic Digital Theodolite

CST/berger 56-DGT10 Theodolite

The 56-DGT10 electronic digital theodolite from CST/berger is an attractively priced digital theodolite that provides surveyors and construction contractors with a full-featured and competitively priced solution for all of their advanced angle and alignment measurement applications. It offers advanced measurement capabilities and sophisticated features yet remains easy to operate so training time is minimal.

The 56-DGT10 provides exceptionally accurate measurements thanks to a number of factors including its accuracy to 1/16 inches at 100 feet, 5-second angular accuracy and vertical tilt sensor. The 56-DGT10's vertical tilt sensor is specially engineered to effectively compensate for tilts in the vertical axis, resulting in highly accurate angle measurements.

Measurement of long distances is a breeze with the 56-DGT10 thanks to its 1:100 stadia ratio and 450 ft working range. The 56-DGT10 also forgoes vernier scales that require complicated manual alignment in favor of an advanced incremental encoder detection system that facilitates simple and automated measurement of horizontal and vertical angles. Productivity is improved because operation is simple enough that no specialized training is necessary.

If you're looking for a digital theodolite that offers an abundance of advanced features for a very affordable price the 56-DGT10 from CST/berger is an excellent choice.

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Features and Benefits:

  • 5-second angular accuracy with vertical tilt sensor enables highly accurate angle measurements
  • Glass encoder features advanced technology for superior results
  • Incremental encoder detection system enables automatic horizontal and vertical angle measurements
  • 30-speed telescope
  • Accurate to 1/16 inches at 100 feet
  • 5-10 second switchable horizontal and vertical angle readout
  • Large dual LCDs for provide easily visible readouts
  • Built-in crosshair and display panel illumination enables work in low-lighting conditions
  • Auto power-off option helps conserve battery life
  • 6-key user interface enables easy operation
  • Optical plummet enables simple alignment of vertical points
  • Removable tribrach for greater versatility in setups.
  • Rugged sealed construction coupled with water and dust resistance ensures accurate operation when used in demanding environments
  • Built-in removable battery pack that attaches and detaches with ease
  • Each 56-DGT10 theodolite is subjected to 2 complete inspections for accuracy before leaving CST/berger's manufacturing facilities
  • Comprehensive 1-year factory warranty


  • Telescope
    • Overall Length: 6.1" (155m)
    • Objective Aperture: 1.77" (45mm)
    • Magnification: 30X
    • Image: Erect
    • Field of View: 1º 30'
    • Resolving Power: 2.5"
    • Minimum Focus: 53" (1.3m)
    • Stadia Ratio: 100 to 1
    • Stadia Constant: 0
  • Angular Accuracy: 5 Sec.
  • Electronic Angle Measurement
    • Method: Incremental
    • Minimum Reading: 5"/10" (3/5 mog)
    • Accuracy: 10" (6 mog)
    • Diameter of Circle: 3.22" (82mm)
  • Illumination: Display and Reticle
  • Optical Plummet
    • Magnification: 3X
    • Field of View: 5º
    • Focusing Range: 20" to ∞ (0.5m to ∞)
  • Level Vial Sensitivity
    • Plate Vial: 30" per 2mm
    • Circular Vial: 8' per 2mm
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Display Operating Range
    • Operating Voltage: 4-6 VDC
    • Battery: (4) AA Batteries
    • Operating Time: 15 hrs continuous use
    • (Alkaline Batteries): @ 68ºF (20ºC)
    • Operating Temperature: -4º to +122ºF (-20º to +50ºC)
  • Size: 5.7 "x 7.8" x 11.8" (145mm x 200mm x 300mm)
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs. (4.4kg)

The complete 56-DGT10 package includes:

  • 56-DGT10 5-Second Digital Theodolite
  • Rain Cover
  • Tool Kit
  • Sunshade
  • Plumb Bob
  • Batteries
  • Manual
  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
  • Lens Cloth
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CST/berger 56-DGT10 Electronic Digital Theodolite
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